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Monday, December 15th, 2008
11:40 am - Serious canon is serious
S-So we were trying to figure out in IRC last night whether or not the DBZ world would have a Christmas, since -- well since Gohan is 16 in the year 774AD and, well. It's hard because Toriyama is Toriyama, but then I remembered this scene from Dragonball, and I promised everyone I would cap it!

Basically, the little boy, Oopa (roughly 15 inches tall :Db) and his dad, Bora, were particularly kind and nice to Goku, making them his new bffl. But then an assassin sent to kill Goku killed Bora. So Goku promised Oopa that he would find the seven magic Dragonballs and wish Bora back to life \o/ And they manage to get six balls before the last one ~disappears~ off the radar, which just shouldn't be possible, but there you go.

The team heads to a fortuneteller, and she says that if they defeat her five fighters, she will tell them what they want to know without having to pay. And the first opponent is a-a vampire.

D-Deus mio....Collapse )

... and then the shapeshifting cat turns into a giant hand and pimpslaps the vampire out of bounds. FUCK YES I LOVE THIS CANON.

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Monday, February 26th, 2007
11:15 am - Permissions Meme
This only took me a month to fill out. For the win, Saiyadork. \o/

Name: Son Gohan
Age: 18
Height: Approximately 5'5½"
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Medical Info: Has been in the hospital a couple times as a kid, but usually gets healed by the tiny green Jesus or a magic bean. Nothing specific! Only half human, but it's near impossible to tell.

Physical Traits: Those pecs In fantastic shape, thank you.

What's Okay to Mention: Anything. Although Saiyaman business should be kept on the down-low. He is officially from the end of canon! He's good for anything.

Notes For the Psychics: SAIYAMAN. Nothing abnormal; he's talked to his dad and his mentor telepathically before, so he knows how it works even.

Abilities: Godmod.

Shapeshift/bodyswap/etc.: YES. A thousand times yes. Ping or email me.

Hugging/Kissing: Expect spazzing; do it.

Fighting: Godmod. See also: abilities.

Killing: If you can come up with an awesome, cracky death? Run it by me. Otherwise, he's too godmod to be overpowered and killed. :/ UNLESS YOU ARE BUU.

Cooking: Cannot cook to save his life. That's what moms are for.

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Monday, January 29th, 2007
10:46 am - Battlefield Advantage!
Last one of these for awhile! It's time to discuss Gohan and the Martial Arts along with The Attacks Gohan Uses!

Gohan and the Martial Arts

Gohan is a skilled martial artist. From the ages of four to eleven, he trained as often as he could! Be it alone in the cliffs with dinosaurs chasing him (aka Piccolo fails at childcare), or stuck in the room of Spirit and Time, a magical place where one day to the outside world lasts a whole year on the inside.

No, really.

He is superfast and superstrong. The comment made during the Cell Games is that no one can follow the moves made by either Cell or Goku except Gohan --- that's how fucking fast these hits are. Ten minutes lasting twenty episodes is nothing new.

He's used to pressure-filled battles where the fate of millions of innocent people is at stake, and usually a planet or two as well. Bonus points if the entire galaxy is in danger and he's the only one prepared to fight the oncoming evil.

Ahh... I believe the form he is most used to is kumite. The mun has no idea what the hell that means, but! He likes to spar and can easily adapt to new styles. It's part of hid godmodly genes.

The Attacks Gohan Uses!

As previously mentioned, Gohan uses energy blasts/ki/chi attacks. He can defend and block against many of these attacks himself, although it's always amusing when he or anyone else breaks through a cliff wall and destroys a mountain because the opponent's power level is too high.

And! I use the dub names. This is because I grew up with the dub and remember it very well~. If push comes to shove, I may even include some of his ridiculous attacks from the PS2 games, though that probably won't happen. Videl's Close Call, however, is the best attack ever.

Destructive Wave - Blast shot with one hand, the other supporting the wrist to keep it steady. Created by Piccolo.

Masenko - Gohan's signature attack! With his palms facing outward, he crosses his arms above his head to form the initial blast. To fire it, he spikes it, I suppose you could call it, down in front of his body, similar to the...

Kamehameha - This is the move Goku learned back in his Dragon Ball days from Master Roshi. Everyone who trained under Roshi knows this move, but it's always been connected with Goku, whom taught it to his eldest son who, in turn, taught his younger brother and quite possibly his daughter. The ball of energy is formed by rounding it in his hands and pulling them to the right side of his body before firing at the enemy.

Super Kamehameha - More energy is put into this one. It's just about the same. Perfected by, of course, Goku.

Continuous Ki Attack - Exactly what it sounds like. Dozens of small blasts shot in rapid succession.

Many times, the Son men combine their power to form the ultimate Kamehameha attack. When godmoders come together, there is no stopping it, and this is generally the ultimate finishing move of the ultimate destiny.

.... Okay! That should do it for now.

AS OF THE END OF THE SERIES, Gohan is the single most powerful fighter in the known universe. Yes, he is stronger than Buu. It's only because of his editors that Toriyama didn't have Gohan obliterate Buu into smithereens! You cannot win in a physical fight. I AM SORRY. But he is practically invulnerable.

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Sunday, January 28th, 2007
9:33 pm - The Great Saiyaman and You!
Doubling as a superhero is hard work! Especially when you need to keep your identity a secret lest the world discover that you were the one who really saved them all from blowing up seven years ago.

Thus, Saiyaman's identity must be kept a secret!

Of course, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together here. If your character would notice that the dork with the helmet and the dorky dork have the same ki/chi/energy? You've caught him! It's also possible to trick him into revealing himself --- that's how Videl managed it.

But the best, canon way? His haircut. Once his do-rag is removed, his friends spot his zany hair and know instantly that their friend is in the get-up. How a do-rag and a pair of sunglasses disguise a man, I'll never know. It's almost worse than Clark Kent's glasses.

It doesn't matter if you figure it out or not so long as you don't run around telling everyone. Gohan is used to being blackmailed by now. Try that!

He will always, always be wearing his helmet as Saiyaman unless he is challenged to a fight. If he ends up fighting for any purpose, he will wear the do-rag and shades. This is to even out the playing field! He won't wear headgear and protect himself against an opponent with, ahaha, little chance.

I think that's all? Yes? Okay then!

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Saturday, January 27th, 2007
10:33 pm - IMPORTANT!!
Gohan is a Saiyan. This is important information! It means that this boy is literally made of godmode. Beating a Saiyan near death only makes them stronger. As it stands now, he's been lax on his training for seven years --- I didn't mention it in the app, but I pulled him from the month before the tournament.

Despite the fact that Gohan reached his peak at age eleven? He could destroy the planet if he sneezed too hard. He is that powerful. He is able to suppress his energy/ki/chi, but if your character is the sort who can tell about hidden powers bursting forth, go ahead. It won't stay secret for long.

Anyway. Gohan can shoot powerful blasts of energy that would wipe out galaxies. He can fly, run at superspeed, pick up and carry a plane as though it were nothing, etc., etc. Ultimate godmod.

And that's all before he transforms into a Super Saiyan.

As a Super Saiyan, Gohan's power increases exponentially. If we reference Goku for this bit --- not that bright of an idea, since Goku invented the concept of godmode ---on his own, Goku can carry eight tons of weight, two on each arm and leg, and move around like it's nothing. As a Super Saiyan, he can do the same thing --- with ten tons per appendage.

That's the sort of power I'm talking about.

Gohan can at this point reach Super Saiyan 2, or "Ascended Super Saiyan." The difference between these --- Gohan can achieve only these --- is as follows:

Super Saiyan: Hair turns blonde, becomes spiky. Eyes turn teal. Glows a golden color.

Super Saiyan 2: Blonde hair now sticks straight up. Glow becomes even more golden, now with the addition of blue/white hot crackles of power similar to lightning.

I STILL WANT TO PLAY OUT SOME FIGHTS. Just because this guy won't lose doesn't mean you shouldn't take him on and noncon him into bringing out his full power. Actually, that's what I love~.

I think that covers it? If you have more questions or complaints, do ask!

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